External Scientific Support

At 澳门正规博彩十大排行平台, we realize the importance of extending our support of scientific advancement beyond the research we conduct and the medicines we provide. We support activities that make useful information and resources available to the broader medical and scientific communities to help advance science, increase understanding of certain diseases and enhance patient care.

Opportunities for Support

Independent Medical Education funding supports accredited or non-accredited medical education activities for healthcare providers where content is not controlled or influenced by 澳门正规博彩十大排行平台. Independent Medical Education includes both continuing medical education (CME) and non-CME programs, and both may originate from similar types of organizations (e.g., hospitals, professional societies, or third-party, medical-education providers).


In alignment with our commitment to scientific innovation in areas of unmet medical need, we may provide product and funding support for external research in rare diseases and genetic disorders.

This program supports the following types of Investigator Initiated Studies:

  • Clinical studies of approved and investigational uses of 澳门正规博彩十大排行平台 medicines, including medicines approved by the 澳门十大博彩正规游戏平台 or still in development (i.e. interventional studies Phase I to IV)
  • Clinical observational studies and real-world evidence (i.e. non-interventional studies)
  • Clinical studies requesting 澳门正规博彩十大排行平台 product only
  • This program does not provide support for animal model studies, continuing medical education (CME) or non-CME educational activities, event sponsorships, or charitable contributions

Our medical science staff located across the globe are available to guide you through each step in the application process. If you have a concept you would like to submit, please reach out to your Medical Science Liaison (MSL) or Area Medical Director. If you don’t yet have a medical staff contact or have a general inquiry, please email us at: externalresearch@bmrn.com.


澳门正规博彩十大排行平台 can provide qualified scientific researchers access to de-identified patient-level data collected in clinical trials to improve patient care and help advance medical science. Read our Data Sharing Request Policy.

Publication Data Requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Questions regarding the Publication Data Request process can be emailed to MedComm@bmrn.com.



Corporate Giving

For information about additional funding opportunities, visit our Corporate Giving page.

We do not provide support to organizations that, in their constitution or practice, discriminate against a person or group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, HIV status or religious belief.